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  • “Amazing work and so great to work with. Thank you for all you have done so far and good luck to you and your company.”

  • “The Viano Decor team goes above and beyond to meet every clients needs and provide great customer support.”

  • “Viano is my "go-to" for home staging and I recommend to any real estate professionals looking for a talented and hard-working group to partner with.”

Joanna Segoviano is a Home Stager with the Midas touch—everything she touches turns to gold. This young millennial businesswoman made a splash since hitting the business scene a year and half ago,

A born leader, Joanna is the original Baby Boss. Selling a cornucopia of Mexican candies like chamoy and tamarindos to other neighborhood kids was her first successful entrepreneurial endeavor. Beneath a petite stature, armed with a cute smile and sparkling eyes, offering sweet and spicy treats, was a savvy business operator with a strategic sales mind. When the local kids copied her model and started selling candies, too, Joanna was not dismayed. She saw it as an opportunity to come up with creative ways to beat the competition, to give her “clientele” something more than her competitors—how about a balloon with the candy? Who can resist a tiny girl carrying a rainbow-colored cloud of balloons bigger than her?

Passionate about her community, coupled with leadership skills, business is a natural fit for Joanna. It was during her high school years, growing up in East Los Angeles, when sparks flickered in her imagination with ways to redevelop her beloved neighborhood, to create a new perception of the area with beautification projects and community engagement that would create neighborhood pride—and that’s when she had the epiphany that still drives her today: She could make it happen by becoming the Mayor of Los Angeles. This lofty political goal has shaped Joanna into a multi-layered, high-achiever, saying, “Everything I’ve done in my life so far is with the goal of one day becoming the Mayor of L.A.”

Conquering business and the LA mayorship are just a few of the bullet points on her life’s to-do list. Envisioning herself as multi-business owner in the future, she foresees the “Viano Hotel” on the Las Vegas strip, and a hip business-casual fashion line called “Zeal by Viano” targeting stylish career women who appreciate the latest trends.

She says, “My dream-to-reality ratio is high. I had to create a new vision board in 2013 because I reached all my goals, including getting the white Lexus with black leather seats, for the exact price I envisioned.” Accomplishments aside, her faith plays a large role in her everyday life and she is continuously thankful for all the ways God has blessed her.

Always the A-student, Joanna graduated cum laude from San Diego State University in 2013, earning degrees in psychology and Spanish. Her inquisitive and fearless nature led her to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain, conduct international research at Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla in Mexico, and to experience the empire state of mind at Columbia University when she was accepted to a prestigious research program. Her adventurous wanderlust beckoned her to an airport counter with a backpack, asking about the next flight out, and like Dorothy clicking her heels, she soon found herself eating strudel underneath the towering Alps in Innsbruck, Austria!

Whether you’re a new or seasoned realtor that needs to stage a home, Joanna has the track record and the vision to make all your staging dreams come true.

Did you know that partnering with VIANO DECOR – a home staging company can help you increase your sales and get more listing appointments?

According to the National Association of Realtors, professionally staged homes spend 81% less time on the market. When you work with VIANO DÉCOR, we become partners. Offering home staging as a complimentary service to your clients will set you apart from all other Realtors. We don’t offer a service, we offer a partnership. Call us your business partner. Add home staging to your value proposition and we’ll take care of the rest. With our eye for design, access to a vast collection of furniture and accessories and a small army of helpers, we turn frumpy, outdated homes into Catalog-worthy havens.

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